7 Tips to choose reputed moving companies in Toronto

Moving day can be tough on anyone. Planning, negotiations, packing, insuring – there’s a lot of work that goes into any kind of move. More often than not, you’d be better off leaving the job to professionals. There are many moving companies in Toronto and it’s important to make a smart choice.

Here are 7 tips to choose reputed moving companies:

  1. Ask for recommendations

When you’re trying to find reputable moving companies in Toronto GTA, remember to ask your family, colleagues and friends for references. Their experiences with mover services could prove useful in either guiding you towards or away from certain names, depending on how it turned out for them. You’ll be better prepared to make a good choice.

  1. Visit the office

If you can physically visit, do take the time to go and see the offices of a few moving companies in Toronto, that you are shortlisting. This not just ensures the company is a legitimate one, it also assures you that their contact details are up-to-date. So in case you face a problem, you would know precisely where to go to inquire.

  1. Check if they are licensed

While you’re at their office, do make sure to look for their licenses to operate. These are usually displayed on their premises, and if you don’t see them do ask them about it. This verifies if they are authorized to actually undertake the work they conduct. You could even check if they are members of the Canadian Association of Movers.

  1. Look for reviews

Log on to the websites of some movers and look for customer testimonials. You should also look up Yelp or Google for reviews of moving companies in Toronto. Read what other users have to say about the company and let that aid your final decision.

  1. Experience matters

If you want to choose a reputable name to be assured of a safe transfer of your belongings, then you must research about the company well. There are a few moving companies in Toronto GTA that have been established since many decades and can easily offer the kind of expertise you might need.

  1. Ask for a quotation

Once you’ve laid all the groundwork, pick 3 moving companies in Toronto and get estimates from them. Compare their quotes and see what each of them have included and excluded. Make sure each of them have visited your home or office for an inventory check, before they drew up the quote.

  1. Payment terms

Finally, ask and understand everything about their billing process and what their payment terms are like. If they request for a nominal deposit, that’s perfectly fine. But reconsider, if they ask for an upfront payment, to avoid the risk of them running off with your belongings.


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