All About Computer Drivers And Why You Need Them

Drivers are essential elements that translate digital information to your computer and its peripherals. Updating the drivers in your device ensures it’s running smoothly and efficiently.

It automatically installs a driver; when you attach a peripheral to a computer, such as a webcam or a printer, it automatically installs a driver. Further, you can update hp drivers via the internet or a built-in memory peripheral.

What is a device driver?

Every component in your computer requires a software component. The software component enables your operating system to communicate to other peripherals.

For instance, when you press a key on the keyboard, the driver converts it into an action that the operating system understands. Then, the signal is transformed into a command to be executed.

A computer with no driver cannot use any hardware attached to it. Ideally, your computer would be rendered useless.

Is it advisable to install custom drivers?

Most providers have comprehensive driver support. As soon as you attach your computer and add peripherals, the device support drivers start running’s plug-and-play functionality is the new normal in many computers today.

However, you can enhance your device functionality by installing specific drivers to support each hardware. Custom drivers allow a user to take advantage of the exact features in the model provided.

Some of the features included in custom drivers include:

  • Unique audio modes for sound cards
  • Improved compatibility for graphic cards
  • In-built manual controls for webcam

 Why should computer drivers be updated regularly?

It is necessary to update your drivers regularly. Here are the top reasons why you should update drivers frequently:

 # 1. Staying in sync with OP systems

Once you update your operating systems, the old peripheral drivers become obsolete. This means that your computer’s hardware may not work as before or can stop being functional altogether.

Updating your drivers ensures that the peripherals work effectively with the operating system.

# 2 ensures compatibility with the new software

A driver update allows your operating system to take advantage of newer software, therefore, unlocking the potential of your hardware. Updating drivers can optimize your computer’s hardware for more recent applications. Ideally, it makes your PC compatible with the new software you’ve installed.

# 3. Fixing bugs

When your computer’s peripherals become available, many users attempt to use various systems. While being used, other previously undetected issues can arise.

Luckily, developers release updated drivers to address such problems. Updating your drivers enhances your chance of getting the best outcome when fixing such bugs.

# 4 Enhances security

Cyber security should be a priority for any user. One of the surest ways to seal hackers’ loopholes is updating drivers. Hackers and cybercriminals capitalize on old drivers and exploit them to compromise your computer.

Hackers can gain access to your PC’s operating system secure environment and pose a risk to your files.

Some outdated drivers can communicate directly to your PC’s kernel at the bare minimum level. Any sort of vulnerability in your software can allow access to your operating system. This can allow unwanted programs and hack your systems.


Updating your drivers enhances security and helps your device be most compatible with the new software you install.

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