Essential Equipment Required to Setup a New Salon   

Opening up a hair salon business requires a plethora of activities. Beyond the administrative, regulatory, and staffing requirements one also needs to arrange for equipment and supplies. The expense incurred under the head of equipment and supplies will be your second big ticket expense. When you are preparing your budget for opening a beauty salon business, you must bear in mind that having the right equipment will assist you in achieving higher customer satisfaction and build patronage. While it is important to be prudent in making budget allocations, care must be taken as to not cut corners. So, if you’re wondering how to set up a beauty salon business we recommend that you read along to know the list of essential equipment that shall be required.

  1. Salon Chairs and Mirrors

Mirrors and chairs are the first in the list. Large mirrors, and comfortable chairs, which can swing 360 degrees and allow to adjust the height are basics. Some chairs have flexible back and can provide superior comfort level to clients. It is highly recommended to have identical chairs, and select chairs based on the functionality. Have a dedicated chair for each work station.

  1. Shampoo Stations

A shampoo station is essentially a combination of shampoo bowl, faucet and plumbing. These are wide bottom sinks designed specifically for cleansing and conditioning of hair. These stations have flexible chairs, that tilt backwards to provide for client comfort. As a general thumb rule, it is suggested to have one shampoo station for every 3 work stations. This will allow you to accommodate all customers and reduce waiting times.

  1. Hair Processors & Steamers

Present day salons are spaces where clients can opt for a host of services other than basic cut and trims. Treatments such as hair coloring, streaking, hair straightening, and deep conditioning are very popular. Conducting such treatments will need your salon to be equipped with hair processors and steamers. Steamers are great tools for adding moisture to hair and making them healthier. While selecting these tools it is best to select ones that come with adjustable temperature and timer settings such that the treatment duration can be customized.

  1. Carts & Trolleys

As a rule, each work station should have its own dedicated cart or trolley. Given that stylist is constantly on the move and often have to move from one client to other, it is not possible to lug around all tools and supplies. The carts and trolleys are designed to hold all essential tools and supplies, which a stylist may need to efficiently deliver the service.

  1. Hair Styling Station

A hair styling station is essentially the individual station comprising of mirrors, chair, tables and some storage space. The walls in front must have power socket to connect gadgets. Often these work stations have hair dryers attached to them. It is advisable to have a hair dryer for every work station for ease of work and to maintain hygiene.

  1. Reception & Waiting Lounge

A full-fledged beauty salon must have a proper front desk to usher in the guests and a waiting lounge to accommodate guests who arrive slight ahead of the appointment time or are walk-in clients. It must be borne in mind that the décor and furniture of the waiting area should be cozy and exude warmth.

  1. Salon Management Software

While it doesn’t strictly qualify as an equipment, but it is a highly tool that should be deployed from day one. Aside from automating and easing all the administrative work of your new salon, the software allows your customers to have an entirely modern experience wherein they can make schedule appointments and make payments anytime. Some software have modules that allow you to manage your employees, inventory and also assist you in your marketing. Therefore, we highly recommend deploying a salon management software to smoothly run your day to day operations.

Aside from the above mentioned list of equipment you would also need supplies in the form of small items and consumables. Some of those items are listed below

  1. Aprons, brushes, spray bottles
  2. Clips, rollers, straightening irons, and curling irons.
  3. Disposable collars, drapes and towels (can be stored at individual work stations)
  4. Assorted types of hairbrushes and combs, preferably an entire set for every work station
  5. Different types of scissors, and hair cutting implements such as razors and blades (entire set of every work station)

Its best to source your equipment from reputed vendors, and select the salon management software which best fits with your five year business plan. Since, you would like your business to grow, you don’t want to be stuck with technology that doesn’t allow you scale your operations. Some best names are Zenoti, Vagaro, Schedul, Fresha, and MindBody.


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