Currencies are an integral part of the transaction. In every part of the world, there exists a different currency. For example, in India, it is the rupee, while in the United States of America, it is a dollar. Thus, there is a variety of currencies available worldwide. And the fun fact, each currency looks different and holds a unique value. One currency may be very expensive in the market while the other might be cheap. Forex Trading involves the exchange of currencies at a global level. It is a very important market and attracts lots of attention from every corner of the world.

Details About Forex

Forex market is very recent when compared to much older stock markets. It was launched only in the late 20th century. That time it was a great deal among all investors. But slowly, when the craze subsided, people realized its true potential and importance.

One interesting fact about this market is that it is completely online. Yes, you heard that right. Forex market is based in online mode and has its headquarters in major cities worldwide like London, Sydney, Frankfurt etc. The market is open 24*7, for five days. On Saturday, it is usually a half-day.

Since each city is located in an almost different time zone, after the office shuts at one city, the work begins in another office. So, in short, the work never stops. This is why Forex Trading is so popular.

How does it work?

The details of this market are quite vast and complex. Thus, this article would only give a basic idea about Forex markets.

Currencies are exchanged in this market. This is a type of stock trading, one might assume. It involves lots of investors, businessmen etc. In short, it is a commercial market which allows currency change. Now, everyone knows how important currencies are. Hence, this market becomes equally important.

What Should a Beginner do?

For a beginner, understanding the market in details might be quite intimidating and scary at first. It will take time to grasp all the concepts needed to trade like a professional in the market. Forex Demo Account gives this golden opportunity to all interested traders who are new to this space. If someone has a demo account, he can practice trading without depositing any money. The transactions take place with the help of virtual cash. This is a fantastic option for getting on-hand training before venturing into the Forex market directly.

Now, there are lots of places which claim to offer quality demo accounts. However, many of them are fake and might land you up in big trouble. Thus, one needs to be very careful while dealing with this kind of stuff.

While choosing an online broker to get a Forex Demo Account, always check his history and customer reviews. Check if he is running a legal business. These things help a lot to realize if the service given is genuine. If you have some known person, then undoubtedly take account of him.