Growing Your Small Hotel Business Effectively In Thailand

Thailand is a country that enjoys millions of visitors looking to enjoy a holiday every year, which means there are a lot of hotel options from which they can choose. There is space in the market for smaller boutique hotels that can offer guests a more intimate experience than they will usually find at more prominent hotels. If you are a small hotel owner in Thailand and want to give your business a boost, here are some ways that you can compete in this competitive marketplace and make your hotel profitable.

Get Some Help

Unless you have decades of experience within the hospitality industry and hotels in Thailand in general, there is a lot to learn about the industry, and you will face a steep learning curve when you start. It can often be beneficial to seek the services of experts within your field to assist you, and one of the best ways is to consult a hotel management company. Thailand has a few companies you can consult in this speciality field, and they can help to streamline your operation and increase your profits.

Target A Niche Market

Another way that you can help to increase the profitability of your hotel is by targeting a niche market that there is a demand for in Thailand. For example, there are some hotels throughout the country that target ornithologists, and it may surprise you how many bird watchers there are. You could also look to target people looking to enjoy a cycling holiday, or if your hotel is by the coast, you may wish to consider water sports. If you have an interest in the niche yourself, it can help to give you the knowledge to cater to your chosen market and exploit an area of business that many others may overlook. It is worth the time looking at websites such as and look at the top boutique hotels in the country, which can give you plenty of ideas to inspire you with your hotel.

Get Your Hotel On The Big Platforms

You will also want to try and get your hotel on as many platforms as possible, such as Agoda,, Trivago, and others. When you appear on these platforms, guests can make a booking for your hotel through it, and these platforms are well optimised for search engines and can help your hotel get found. You will still want to optimise your hotel website and have an independent marketing strategy in place for your website. However, these platforms can drive a lot of revenue for your hotel when you are offering something unique compared with other establishments.

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