Heavy Duty Stairlift Solutions

Getting up and down the stairs is difficult for those who are elderly and disabled, but this is especially true when they are also larger individuals. All of these risk factors can be very dangerous without proper care and supervision. This is why heavy-duty stairlifts are a great solution to look into that many do not even realise exist. These lifts are great for carrying more weight and can safely transport your loved one upstairs and downstairs.

Weight Limits

Making sure the stairlift you purchase is suitable for the weight of the individual it will carry is important. Not all stairlifts have the correct weight limit, and this can prevent the lift from working properly. A heavy-duty stairlift can handle users over 21 stone, which provides them with the same comfort and safety as those who use traditional stairlifts.

Getting Assistance

To find heavy-duty stairlifts in Sutton Coldfield, simply ask the company if they provide them and what the weight limit is. When you know how much your loved one weighs and explain their ailments, the team of experts will be able to recommend a suitable choice to purchase. They will also be able to give you a consultation to see exactly where it must be installed.

The benefits of finding the perfect heavy-duty stairlift are limitless. This will provide your loved one with comfort and accessibility while you will feel relief that they are safe. It is a great solution for any household.


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