How Sports Flooring Maximizes the Health and Wellness Benefits

The health and wellness industry is ever-growing. This suggests that more and more people are taking their health seriously. As such, they are taking part in activities that help them achieve their fitness goals.

For instance, health experts recommend adults do at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activities every week. Alternatively, one can opt for 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity every week.

And yes, flooring is the base of any physical activity.

Whether you’re running, walking, playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, or other sport as part of your exercise routine, you’ll need a floor. Unfortunately, most people consider the activity they’re undertaking and how it impacts their health but don’t consider the surface where it takes place on. Don’t make this mistake.

Yes, physical activity strengthens your muscles and gets your heart moving, but these activities can have other effects on your health. Let’s take a look at how flooring from https://www.junckers.co.uk/sports-flooring impacts your overall wellbeing from joints to injury protection.

  1. Easier on Joints

A quality playing court should be easier on joints. Having sufficient shock absorption on the flooring reduces long-term injuries among players and athletes of all ages.

Remember, there are different ways in which an athlete can sustain acute injuries on the court. These include falling, running into another player, or landing wrongly. Such injuries are accidental and difficult to prevent.

A good floor with sufficient shock absorption is easier on the player’s joint. Therefore, it helps preserve the body. For example, when playing basketball, players are constantly jumping, running, pivoting, and cutting.

  1. Injury Prevention

Fast-paced sports like basketball and volleyball require a lot of movement and jumping. The risk of falling in these scenarios is very high.

Sports floors that fail to provide adequate traction, or those with excessive friction, expose the players to slips and falls which may result in injuries. To avoid this, professional teams rely on high-quality hardwood floors to improve traction. These floorings must adhere to set specifications that define the recommended friction co-efficient for a safe and secure player movement.

  1. Improved Stability

Vertical deformation plays a vital role in the athlete’s safety and performance. It refers to the ability of the sports flooring to adjust to an athlete’s activity. For instance, how falling or jumping impact the floor.

The higher the quality of the court, the better the vertical deformation capabilities. However, excess vertical deformation isn’t good. The right amount is dependent on the game in question.

Yes, not having enough deformation increases the risks of player injury on the court. However, too much of it affects how a game is played thus counterintuitive.


Installing a high-quality sports floor ensures the safety, comfort, and physical health of athletes. Playing any sport be it volleyball, basketball, or tennis requires game-appropriate flooring. Unfortunately, very few people focus on the surface but rather they focus on how it impacts their health. Don’t make this mistake. The type of flooring in the court makes a great difference in-game performance and injury prevention.

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