Is Google Ads Certification Free?

Google Ads certification is a critical component for any marketer to boast that they have, but it does take some work to earn. Ultimately this certification is the credential that recognises a marketer as being a Google Ads expert. This is a topic which must be studied for and an exam must be passed before Google will bestow a personalised certificate on the person who passes.

This course and exam is offered by the Google Partners program and we are going to have a little look into what it is, what the requirements are, and whether or not it costs any money.

Steps To Certification

These are the steps that you will need to take in order to earn this certificate from Google.

Step One – Create Your Google Account

Step Two – Sign Up To Skillshop and Select Certification of Choice

Step Three – Map Out Your Exam Preparations

Step Four – Pass The Exam

Step Five – Connect With Other Google Partners

As you can see, the steps appear relatively simple, and the process is, the challenging aspect of it however is the level of work which you will have to put into step 3.

Studying From Skillshop

Now many of you may not be familiar with what Skillshop is and to put it briefly, this is where Google offers enormous resources on marketing and educational material. It is here that you will dedicate yourself to learning about things such as search, display, shopping ads, apps and measurement. Within each of these disciplines, you will find a wealth of information about the evolution of each and you can find multiple certifications on the Google-hosted website. Essentially this is the place where you will become the Google Ads expert.

Cost of Certification

The great news is that this certification is incredibly low in price. None of the training material comes at a cost and the cost of the exam is $10 for the level 1 exams and $25 for the level two exam. Given the kudos and the power of becoming Google certified, that is an investment that is well worth making.

Benefits of Becoming Certified

Make no mistake that this certification is about much more than simply having a cool badge to add to your website or your online resume. Firstly, this is very much a form of credibility within an industry where knowledge and best-practise can be limited. More importantly, having this badge is going to make you instantly more valuable as a marketer and that means it will be far easier for you to drive customers and business to you. Pay per click advertising for example is huge right now, and people will be far more inclined to spend money on someone who Google has certified themselves.

 If you are in the market for a job role at a digital agency, then many will expect that you have this certification, if they do not then either way it will make you much more attractive to them.

Ultimately this is something which anyone who loves online marketing should look to earn, because of the professional and the personal benefits which achieving it can offer.

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