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The kind of awakening that people are currently experiencing is very common. It’s the kind where you start to experience some weird feelings and thoughts which make no logical sense, but nevertheless, compel you on a deeper level. The best way to explain it is by saying that you’re starting to “connect the dots” of your life in a different way. You see, every single thing that’s happening has such a deep and profound purpose behind it if we can simply understand what lesson you’re supposed to be learning from it.

The reason why so many people are currently having these types of experiences is because they’re starting to open up their sixth chakra, which is located about an inch over our heads. This chakra incorporates the ability to see beyond what’s already in front of us and includes the ability to connect all of the different dots of your life so that you can really understand what lesson you’re supposed to be learning from each experience. This is what experts like Teal Swan sometimes refer to as having “third eye” or “sixth sense” awareness.

The problem with this type of awakening is that it’s easy to get lost in all of the dots. There are so many things happening around you every day, and when you start to discover the deeper meaning behind everything, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and turn away from your intuition because there’s just too much information. The reason why this happens is because we’re not quite ready to handle that much awareness yet.

Our hearts and brains simply aren’t conditioned enough for that level of understanding; we need time to integrate all of the different pieces and parts of our life before we can take that next step. Because of this, the way to work with spiritual awakening is by tuning into your intuition and noticing what it’s telling you about how to live your life every single day.

The best way to do this is by combining your rational thoughts with your intuitive thoughts; use both together in order to make wise decisions. If you only rely on your intuition, things will start to feel very strange and foreign to you, but if you always go with what makes logical sense in front of your eyes, then your intuition is going to be ignored.

The goal isn’t necessarily going with one over the other; instead, the goal is knowing when it’s time to use one over the other. For example, you would use your logic to make an appointment with a doctor; it’s no good to rely on your intuition instead of making a logical decision! The same goes for things like deciding what shirt to wear or what food to eat. If you always go with your intuition in those kinds of situations, there will be a point in time where you won’t have anything left to wear or no money to buy food, and that’s when your intuition will stop talking.

It’s very important that we learn how to balance our intuition with our rational thoughts because it’s the only way we’re going to integrate higher awareness into our lives. The goal isn’t for us to live entirely off of spiritual intuition; instead, the goal is for us to learn how to hear our intuition and make a decision accordingly.

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