There are several online digital marketing services, but the best ones are those that can provide you with easy and accessible ways to reach your target audience and grow sales. After all, the whole idea of marketing a brand/product/service is to make a profit.

Online marketing encompasses different areas such as email marketing, website design accessibility and content writing, social media management, SEO tools, and so on. Thus, no single tool is capable of handling all these areas. In this article, we’ll talk about the main web marketing service in 2021.


Formerly known as Google Ads, Google Adwords is the world’s largest advertising network service. Ads placed using this service are displayed across Google search results, third-party partner sites, and Android apps. As one of the best web marketing services, setting up a campaign in Google Adwords is pretty easy.

The web marketing service allows you to target different categories of audiences such as fans of sports and travel or people shopping for specific items. One of the main strengths of Google Adword is that you can pair it with Google Analytics, track daily keywords and the performance of your campaigns.


Hubspot is considered to be the best content marketing platform, and it provides users with a selection of tools that can help increase traffic, manage scalable direct marketing campaigns, and improve conversion rates. The web marketing service is centered on the Hubspot content management system (CMS) which helps with on-page SEO, the optimal time for posting to social media, and so on.

Although there is a free plan offered by the digital marketing service, it does not include most of the available tools. To access more tools, you will need to subscribe to either the Starter plan, Professional plan, or Enterprise plan.


Mailchimp is a dedicated email marketing platform that you can use to handle most of your email marketing needs. It allows you to send offers, notification updates as well as other direct marketing to subscribers. The platform also comes with built-in analytics which you can use to gauge the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

One good thing about Mailchimp is that you can also integrate it with other software platforms for more efficiency and make some tasks even automated. The digital marketing service is available in three tiers, Free plan, Essentials plan, and Standard plan.


Throughout this article, we’ve talked about the main web marketing services used in 2021. Each of these services has specific areas that they target and tools. Why not check them out to see how they can help your business grow.

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