Brands in Singapore are spending insane money on online marketing, and it makes sense. In a country where more than 80% of the population uses the internet actively, the scope of promoting your brand is huge. The first obvious step is to hire a reliable marketing firm for the project. Below are some amazing tips for finding the best digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Ask the right questions

If you are comparing digital marketing companies, you have to ask a lot of questions, such as –

  1. How long the company has been in business?
  2. Do they have specific experience in your industry?
  3. Who are their top clients?
  4. Do they have an in-house team?
  5. What kind of digital marketing services do they provide?

Some marketing agencies also have experience in web design and ecommerce development, and that’s certainly an advantage.

Find about their services

At the very least, you can expect a digital marketing agency to offer the following

  • Search engine optimization or SEO
  • Search engine marketing or SEM
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Reputation management

How the agency plans to use these components into your digital marketing mix is a matter of discussion.

Discussing the price

While price may seem like the most important factor for selecting a digital marketing company, don’t let that ruin your brand image. Keep in mind that the costs depend on the inclusions, as well as, on the experience and expertise of the agency. Get an estimate, but if hiring a more known firm means spending a tad more, consider that as an option.

Finally, do ask for references. The best digital marketing agencies never shy away from sharing details of their clients, and they will ensure that your team has access to their profile for evaluation. Check online for reviews and testimonials too.