Style Guide to Wearing Socks in Summer

With the summer in full swing, your wardrobe has probably fully transitioned over to the fresh, breezy seasonal style that comes with the hot sun and warm nights. However, you may be left paused on one part of your wardrobe: What do you do with socks during the summer months?

During the summer months, socks can be a real game-changing part of your attire because they not only add a level of comfort, but they can also be used to add a splash of color to your outfits, add a pop of personality and all while keeping your feet dry, and protected from the sun.

Here are some hot summer sock tips!

Socks and Sandals

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the ageless quandary: Do socks go with sandals? The best answer when it comes to this question is: Do what feels the best for you. If you decide to wear socks with your sandals, it is the perfect opportunity to show off some jazzy, playful socks options you may have tucked away in your drawer.

If you are also going to be wearing shorts, a longer sock is the perfect accessory to add some fun looks and bold patterns to your summer attire.

Hidden Socks

Maybe you’re not all about the socks and sandals look, but you do like the comfort and protection that socks can provide your feet. Well, you’re in luck with hidden socks. There are plenty of options when it comes to low and ultra-low cut socks that can provide the picture of a sockless look while still giving the protective benefit of socks to your feet.

Keeping Your Cool

If you are worried about socks causing you to overheat during the hot summer months, you may be tempted to go without socks at all. However, this look comes with some serious hygiene drawbacks. Smelly feet may be the least of your concerns if you develop painful blisters and sores from your shoes rubbing against your bare feet. There are plenty of sock options that are made of light, breathable, sweat whisking materials to keep you cool during the heat!

This post was written by Matt Conklin, owner and sock aficionado at Lucid Socks. Lucid Socks is the best monthly sock club subscription. Lucid Socks’ sock of the month club features a random hand picked pair of socks from one of our many categories of unique and humorous socks.

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