What Vitamins Are Good for Hair Growth and Thickness?

Healthy hair is not just a thing of beauty, it is also a sign of good general health. But sadly for us, good hair is rapidly becoming scarce, and the worst part is, most of the time, we don’t even know what we are doing wrong. When a person notices changes in their hair, in terms of growth and thickness, they quickly assume wonky thyroid levels or environmental pollution. Seldom does he or she think vitamins. That of course is the job of a doctor, but who goes to a doctor for minor hair problems? The fact is, what seems minor at the moment may become pressing in a couple years, and beyond help in a few more.

Vitamins are the best way to medicate your hair at home without risking side effects. Here are the vitamins that contribute to the growth and thickness of hair.


Found in large quantities in carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli and certain other vegetables and fruits, this vitamin is a gift for the body, hair in particular. It produces sebum that keeps hair and skin oily and vital. Vitamin A is the fuel for cellular growth function. One of the leading causes of hair loss in men and women today is deficiency of this vitamin.


An antioxidant that is integral to good hair, Vitamin C fights free radicals that stop hair growth and make hair weak and brittle. Vitamin C shields the body against oxidative stress that is produced by these free radicals. Vitamin C also boosts up collagen in the body, a protein that is vital to hair structure. In addition to that, this antioxidant helps absorption of iron in the body that is responsible for hair growth. Vitamin C is found in ample quantities in oranges, pomelos, strawberries, peppers, etc.


Biotin has been relegated to the position of a wonder nutrient by the hair industry, and that’s for good reasons. Alternatively called B vitamin, studies have linked it directly to hair. Conclusive evidence exists that proves that hair loss is often a result of low biotin in blood. This is why a biotin hair shampoo is known to work miracles for people suffering from hair loss. While for hair problems, biotin conditioner and shampoo is a good source of biotin, you can also introduce it in your diet through nuts, eggs, mushrooms and certain cheeses.


Another nutrient the low levels of which can cause alopecia is Vitamin D. Scientists have found out that an increased level of Vitamin D in the blood translates to development of new follicles in the scalp. So, in addition to using a DHT blocker spray, it is a good idea to up your consumption of fatty fish, mushrooms and other Vitamin-D rich foods.


Another anti-oxidant known to fight free radicals, Vitamin E is a great booster for hair growth and thickness. Although it may not match the effects produced by the best biotin shampoo and conditioner, it will surely help in reviving lost hair partly.

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