Why it is hard to edit a pdf file

You find it hard to edit pdf file because it is not meant for any modification. Although several ways allow you to make pdf changes to some levels, you suffer from weaknesses in various ways. Reasons why it is hard to edit pdf documents include:

  1. You cannot directly edit pdf documents with a desktop software

You cannot edit objects directly without using desktop software because many browsers are not powerful enough to allow for direct pdf editing. This problem can be solved in the future, but at the moment, you have to face that challenge. Desktops programs suffer from various issues such as quite a few bugs, difficult to use, and are expensive. At the moment, there is no better and cheaper alternative to buying a premium desktop pdf program. If your needs are short term, you can opt for limited time trials offered by most desktop products.

  1. Desktop software is not Perfect.

The creator of pdf does not allow for editing. Editing is likely to flatten a pdf file or put all the content in a single layer. You achieve that by using software tools or creating a pdf document from a different format like an image file. In reality, most pdf files are in one layer.

 Furthermore, a flattened pdf document is harder to edit since desktop software cannot distinguish different objects in a file. Therefore, attempting to modify may affect the entire pdf objects, and you can get frustrated very fast. There are limited good pdf software programs that can manage the issue. Desktop pdf software is not the only solution for editing pdf documents because the reality is nuanced. The software is expensive, and very few of them can cut.

How does an online pdf editor work?

Online pdf editor operates by printing objects virtually on top of an existing pdf. Although you cannot directly edit content, it allows you to complete common tasks such as filling out pdf forms, viewing pdfs, adding notes, making small changes, and highlighting a document. Besides, an online editor helps in some tasks like rotating, merging, or deleting pages from pdf files. Several online pdf editors have premium pricing plans that allow many users to complete their tasks for free.

An online editor only allows you to edit a document or a file by making modifications on top of another pdf. The solution does not make sense for doing extensive editing. You get more affected if you have to make many text changes.

All solutions show that the most intuitive way to edit pdf documents is by converting them into editable formats like a word. Once you convert it, it becomes easier to edit. However, It is not easy to convert pdf files to word since you encounter several issues. Besides, many pdf files do not have an underlying structure. Building blocks like header, footer, columns, tables, and paragraphs that make word file elements disappear once you convert the document into a pdf file. Therefore, it makes the conversion of a file from word to pdf a bit challenging. It is difficult for a computer to read a pdf file correctly and convert it into word. Limited pdf to word converters handle this challenge.

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