Why Watch My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) is gaining popularity since its inception during the spring 2016 anime season. However, despite this popularity, some people might still be wary of joining the craze, especially if they are not into mainstream shonen anime. However, those who will give the show a try will surely be hooked.

My Hero Academia is a series that follows the young boy named Izuku Midoriya. The body does not have superpowers in a world where 80% of the population is born with special abilities. However, Izuku dreams to become a superhero and things changed when the renowned All Might, his idol, takes him under his wing and bestows upon him the One For All Quirk. Having his new power, Izuku enrolls in the UA Academy and embarks on this journey to become a hero.

There are many reasons to watch the series including the following:

You will Want to Root for Izuku

There is something about Izuku that will make you think he deserves to be a hero. For instance, he does not depend on his powers since he used to live without them. Without a superpower, he had to work hard, study the very heroes he looked up to, and adapt.  You will want to root for the boy because he deserves it.

There is a Great Message in the Story

The series conveys the message that everybody can achieve great things. A hero’s quality is determined by their willingness to do their best even if situations are helpless. There is no need to possess flashy powers or wear costumes to save lives. In some cases, it takes just a smile and a solid determination to save the day.

The Abilities of Characters are Versatile

Although the majority of powers are either mental, physical, or elemental, the show presents Quirks that are far from what most people consider superpowers. One character ha engines in his legs, another has brainwashing abilities, and one has frog powers. You will love it every time a Quirk is revealed since you know it will be a unique experience.

The Show Gives Side Characters to Showcase their Stuff

Every side character in the series gets a chance in the limelight. You will be able to see more of them outside of the main line-up. However, side characters are just as interesting as the main characters. There is a focus on Deku and his journey; however, you cannot ignore these side characters.

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