Why You Shouldn’t Drive When Emotionally Overwhelmed

Focus is necessary when you drive. You have to have your eyes on the road all the time. If you get distracted, things could go wrong. You also need to know when to stay put. When you feel emotionally overwhelmed for whatever reason, you shouldn’t drive.

If you feel overjoyed, it isn’t easy to focus on the road. You’re still in a celebratory mode, and you want to jump or scream. You will have a difficult time controlling the car. The same applies when you feel depressed, or you recently fought with someone. You might even be in tears while you drive. Wet eyes could block your vision and make it harder to see the road.

You need a neutral emotion when driving. If you’re at either end of the spectrum, you should wait until it gets better. You might even have to cancel your travel plans if you can’t shake off how you feel.

You won’t focus

Driving requires focus, and it’s challenging if your mind is on a particular event that happened recently. Even if you try to keep your eyes on the road, your mind is elsewhere. Before you know it, you already rear-ended another vehicle or hit someone crossing the street.

You might be shaking

Whether you’re too furious or you feel too happy, your hands might be shaking uncontrollably. You can’t stop it, and it will affect your grip on the steering wheel. The vehicle will also keep shaking.

You won’t care about safety anymore

Some events will make you hate yourself and how your life turned out. You won’t care if you arrive safely. You might even consider ending your life. Worse, you’re in the vehicle with someone else. It’s a considerable risk. Your mind is unreliable since it keeps thinking about things you shouldn’t do. It’s best not to drive anymore until you get back to valuing safety again.

You might get involved in a road rage incident

Given how angry you are, you might take it out on other people. If you come across a driver who committed a minor mistake, you will argue with the person. Since you have uncontrollable emotions, you will either hurt yourself or the other person.

Pull over first

If you receive terrible news while driving, you have to pull over. You can’t keep driving while processing your emotions. Allow yourself to relax and control how you feel before you continue driving. Besides, the goal isn’t to arrive quickly but safely.

If you decide to continue driving while you’re at the peak of your emotions, you might end up in an accident. If something happens, you should call the police right away. You also need to call a Boynton Beach towing company to remove the car from the area. You’re blocking several vehicles, and you don’t want to earn the ire of other drivers. This situation should also teach you to be calmer next time. Whether you’re too happy or you’re too sad, you shouldn’t force yourself to drive.


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