When you upgrade your tires it is very important that you take action so that you can extend the overall lifespan of those tires. Your tires are the main thing keeping your car from contacting the road. Even the smallest road hazards such as trash, debris or small rocks can be hazardous to a tire. Making sure that you can avoid this debris can be especially important when you are working to protect a performance tire.

As a tire continues to pick up more debris this can often put you at a greater risk for an accident, deflation or blowout.

Here are some tips that you can use on the roads for protecting your tires:

Stay vigilant near forested areas: some of the most problematic road hazards involved trees and debris from fallen branches. Slow down if you notice an area that is full of debris and change lanes away from trees wherever possible.

Potholes: keep your eyes on the road for potholes. Slowing down and working to drive around the pothole can be crucial. Hitting a pothole hard could lead to a crack in your rim, punctures in your tires and other serious issues for your handling.

Avoid construction sites: If there’s roadwork ahead then consider going around. Nails, screws and other sharp objects are quite common in these areas and they can result in a slow leak, puncture or complete blowout. Check on apps like waze for updated traffic considerations and avoid construction when you can.

Watch for broken glass: Broken glass on the roadways can be common from windshields and headlights at accident sites. Watch for the signs of broken glass and make sure that you can drive around it wherever possible. Glass can puncture a tire easily or get picked up in the rubber to ruin the performance.

Keep these top ideas in mind on protecting your tires from common road debris.

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