Pets deserve to be remembered whether they are pocket, equine or bovine. Pets are mostly kept for company, protection, entertainment, altruistic purposes but never kept for labor, livestock or as laboratory experiment subjects.  Ailurophiles, cynophiles and other pet aficionados are attracted to pets because of various things.

  • The appearance of an animal is a main attraction to be a pet. People keep pets just because of their attractive looks. There are luxury breeds of dogs and cats that are kept majorly because of their cute appearance.
  • The intelligence of an animal also makes humans decide to keep them as pets. This could be cognitive or emotional intelligence. The cognitive intelligence of some pets is not so prominent. An example is the dog. A dog does not possess exceptional cognitive intelligence but it is able to successfully imitate humans and relate well. This is due to its emotional intelligence and ability to understand symbols.
  • The communication skills of the animal. The relation between the pet and human matters a lot. Examples of animals with remarkable communication skills are dogs and parrots. Dogs are able to communicate and obey commands by humans. Parrots are able to imitate the actual words of humans and speak actual words. However, parrots are incapable of fully comprehending and holding articulate conversations.

Humans keep a wild species of unusual animals called exotic animals as pets. These animals might not be attractive but they might just look distinctively different and thus attract the human attention. Other times the exceptional intelligence of these animals draws in humans despite the potential danger the animal poses. Examples of exceptionally intelligent exotic animals include Ravens, crows, African grey parrot, chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants etc. Crows are capable of recognizing faces of humans. The African grey parrot is capable of successfully solving puzzles and learning more words than regular parrots. They are able to make minimal conversations from the words learnt. Chimpanzees and gorillas are capable of learning sign language and using it to communicate effectively with humans. Elephants have large brains and are able to make use of them in excellent feats of recognition and relation. The wild cats such as leopards and lions have remarkable strategic skills and wits. Intelligence is not the only factor when taking exotic animals as pets. Animals with colorful skins such as brightly colored snakes and goldfish are kept as pets.


These pets whether exotic or domestic are sometimes found on portraits with their owners in museums and archives in historical libraries. These days, pets do not only feature in their owners portraits but also feature in portraits solo. Portraits help you preserve the beauty, cuteness or impressive majesty of your pet.

It is possible to get your pet painted by pet portrait artists through picture or video reference. The pictures could be captured by the artist or sent to the artist. It is very important for the pictures sent to be shot in good lighting and capture the persona of the pets effectively. This helps the artist capture the personality of the pet in the portrait.

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