Preventive Ways to Keep Safe During House Cleaning

Most homeowners look at house cleaning as just another household chore. But what they do not realize is the potential exposure to safety and health hazards due to the presence of harmful objects and substances in the house.

And cleaning is tiresome as well. It’s not about dusting, which can be done regularly. For serious house cleaning, the homeowner has to prepare for it. First, the junk and other unwanted items should be segregated, so there should be individual boxes for the different items to remove from the house. Then there’s the actual cleanup and putting all the items to keep back in their proper places.

Cleaning the house to get rid of junk and other unused or useless items is exhausting. The homeowner should also think of preventing risks to their health and safety.

Wear protective clothing

If you are going to dispose of items that contain hazardous or toxic materials, you should wear protective clothing, such as goggles, a face mask, rubber gloves and a heavy-duty apron. These protective items will minimize your exposure to chemicals, microscopic organisms such as dust mites and mold, as well as dirt, dust, and sharp objects.

Pay attention to the gloves you use. Choose gloves that are comfortable to wear. Know if you are allergic to latex. If you are handling chemicals, see to it that you get a pair of gloves that are specifically made to give ample protection against household cleaning agents. Moreover, get gloves that will give you a firm grip, no matter what object you’re going to handle.

Have an emergency kit nearby

A common mistake while cleaning the house is forgetting to have an emergency kit that is readily available in case of minor accidents. If you are alone in the house, place your cellphone in a zip lock bag and keep it with you. In case of emergency, you do not have to stand up to use your phone. You can quickly call the emergency number in case of an accident that requires medical attention.

Sort, seal, and label all junk

Cleaning the house usually leads to the discovery of waste and unwanted items that have been in the house for a long time. The first step to efficiently get rid of the trash is to sort it out by type, condition, and level of risk. After sorting the junk, it should be boxed or placed in trash bags to prevent it from scattering again. Finally, the sealed boxes or trash bags should be labeled for faster discarding. Put back the household items that you are keeping.

Safety should always be a top consideration when doing house cleaning. House cleaning needs preparation and enough time. You do not have to do it in one day — schedule house cleaning when you are not tired. If you do not have the time due to the demands of your career, consider calling a professional that offers junk removal services. It can provide house cleanout services for a small fee.

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