Art jamming workshop is a workshop with three important principles. The principles are very important because they are what drives the workshop. They are what makes art jamming what it is. Without the principles, art jamming Singapore wouldn’t be exciting and successful. If the sessions contain all three principles, you will rest assured that the art jamming session will be very successful. Here are some of the art jamming sessions principles to know of


The first important art jamming principle to know of is creation. This is not only a principle but also a very important step in joining the art jamming workshop. In an art jamming workshop, you will have to come up with art as an individual or as a group. You can choose to work with multiple canvases or solitary canvases. Everything in art jamming will be decided by your, the creator. Even the subject of your art can only be decided by you. No one can force you to do what you don’t want to do. At the end of the day, Art jamming is a place where you should feel very comfortable and a place where you feel safe.


The second important principle to know of is collaboration. If you have chosen to join an art jamming Singapore workshop, the next important step for you will be to collaborate. You will always have to put your contribution into an art piece. That is how you will relieve stress, release pressure from your brain, and feel good. It is only through collaboration that you will be able to enjoy Art jamming. When you collaborate, you will connect with others better.


The last principle is links. This is the last stage of your work. It is what you should attain.