What are some of the benefits of the asbestos survey?


If work will be going on in a building that contains asbestos, an asbestos survey needs to be carried out for the sake of assessing the risk involved, the location, and the amount of asbestos that is present in the building. It is also an important health and risk management process for a survey to be done in an old building before work is performed in such buildings. The purpose of the asbestos survey is to find materials that contain asbestos and record the amount plus the location of the asbestos substance. It is also to record or document how accessible the asbestos substance is in the building. To know the condition or the state of asbestos in a building, a survey must be done. You should also conduct an asbestos survey for the sake of identifying the type of material that contains asbestos. There are two types of asbestos surveys and each one of them has its benefits. Here are the types of asbestos survey

Asbestos management survey

This is the first common type of survey that many property owners are considering for their old buildings. Just as the name suggests, asbestos managing survey is aimed at making sure that the risk of asbestos in our day-to-day use of a property or building is under check. This type of survey is very important and it is always put in place to make sure that no one disturbs asbestos-containing material accidentally. It is also a very important asbestos survey London as it makes sure that no one gets hurt or harmed due to the presence of asbestos in a building.

Demolition/refurbishment asbestos survey

This is the second type of asbestos survey that we all should know of. This type of asbestos survey is needed especially when work is needed on a premise. A professional asbestos surveyor is supposed to perfume this kind of asbestos survey to ensure that no one will be harmed when work is going on in the asbestos-containing building. This survey is also very important to make sure that the work will only be done by the right contractor and a contractor who knows how to protect themselves from asbestos.

What are some of the benefits of the asbestos survey?

Before you can think of carrying out an asbestos survey, it is very important to know why an asbestos survey is vital. Asbestos survey before any work is done on asbestos-containing material is important to keep the people accessing the property safe and those who are working as well. It is also very important to conduct an asbestos assessment or survey in your building or property because it is required by the law.


The asbestos survey may seem like a waste of resources, time, and effort but it is a very important process to ensure that both people are the environment is safe. You should do the survey very well as ignorance can lead to harsh fines.

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