Flower shops in Hong Kong exist to help celebrate occasions with flower gifts. They can cater to both large-scale events and personal orders. They have a selection of exclusive bouquets to offer including beautiful arrangements delivered in glass jars or stylish trinket boxes to give a touch of rustic romance. These shops feature some of the worlds’ most popular flowers including the rose, and hydrangea.

A reputable florist in Hong Kong can boast regular customers that range from hobbyists to high-society individuals. You can expect big, abundant flower bouquets and flower boxes arranged in the shape of a heart that ensure a wow factor.

Flowers in a Hong Kong flower shop come from different sources including the following:

Hong Kong Flower Market

This vibrant open-air market has a lot of vendors that sell fresh flowers, garden supplies, and potted plants. It is situated on the Flower Market Road. You can find an endless array of flowers such as eustoma, tulips, calla lilies, bougainvillea, and more. You can also find garden supplies like fertilisers, bulbs, seeds, gardening equipment, pots, and others. That is why you can also find these flowers in abundance in most Hong Kong local flower shops. The majority of shops in the flower market open daily from 10 am to 7 pm. The best time to visit is around 10:30 am when all the shops have been stocked with fresh flowers.

At the flower market, visitors will find themselves immersed in dense jungle of exotic flower and varying scents, from woody to floral or sweet to heady aromas. During the Chinese New Year, families will flock towards the market for their fine selection of good flowers and houseplants. Also, people seek home decorations at the market during the Christmas Season. But, the rest of the year is also a popular time to check out the Hong Kong flower market. Flowers make promising gifts and are great for all occasions. Many shops, wholesalers, and stalls at the market provide auspicious plants at affordable prices.


Premium flower shops in Hong Kong bring flowers into each corner to embellish each moment of their customers’ lives. They offer any types of floral products. Flower boxes, flower bouquets, flower accessories, gift hampers, and more. They use the freshest stock to make their products to ensure quality. The flowers they use are mostly imported from countries in Europe, South America, China, and Japan. Imported tulips are popular. For any occasion, floral experts have the right bouquet and colours for customers available. Tulips are imported from Europe and many not available every day of the week in some flower shops.

Moreover, some Hong Kong florists import their carnation and chrysanthemums in Japan. Roses are imported from countries like Colombia, the Philippines, South America, and Ecuador. Some local shops also sell eternal/preserved flowers from Ecuador. These immortal flowers are 100 percent real flowers preserved using advanced technology.

Wherever these flowers are sourced from, flower shops in Hong Kong promise to maximise people’s flower power in their life. They create the best bespoke bouquets and floral creations in the region. They can create floral arrangements that are beautiful and minimalist that evoke the sense that the flowers were plucked from a forest or field. You can order some rose bouquets to be sent to a loved one or friend, order a weekly subscription of flowers you want to be delivered to your home or office. The best florist will work with you in transforming a venue into a floral wonderland. But, while you can order flowers online, a visit to a local flower shop will ensure you can work with the team to curate the best selection of flowers.